Spare Room To Rent

Small single room available in a 5 bedroom house: £300 per month, available from the 1st January 2013. Water bills are included, but other charges (TV, internet, gas, electricity) come to about £45 per person per month. Deposit is the same as one month’s rent. We’re looking for easy-going and sociable full-time students only. Non-students, […]

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Offshore Euro Accounts

UK banks suck. Natwest in particular aren’t able to transfer funds from a Euro currency account in the UK to a Euro account at another Natwest branch in the Isle of Man without charging something like £20 each time. This truly sucks because I need to do that for my pension. When I had an […]


A certain someone recently awarded me the dubious honour of the title “Evil Sexy Geek”, which I used for my Top Secret Dance-Off handle. Google gives no hits, so I’m hoping it’ll pick up this page shortly.

Paper, Scissors, Stone

After a long day of study I finally posted this Tweet at around 01:50 in the morning, “About to give up and let sleep beat work once again. If only I knew the third part of this Paper/Scissors/Stone-like triad…” It couldn’t be easier: the final part is Play. Sleep beats Work Work beats Play Play […]

More TalkTalk Problems

So we got back online, but performance was really bad. On Monday I received an email asking to confirm that I was back online, which I did, but complained about the performance. Then today I received another email from tech support to let me know that they’d increased my line speed to 7MB. I verified […]

TalkTalk Problems

For the last couple of months we’ve had problems with our ISP. After being regularly kept on hold for 30 minutes at a time, transferred across three continents, and having to speak to many operators who clearly don’t have a clue, they finally gave us a new modem. While I’m happy to have connectivity again, […]

Hot Research!

This week I’m in Athens, presenting my first ever academic publication, “Toward Accessible 3D Virtual Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired” at DIMEA 2008.   It’s all about the hotness: of the weather (34 C) and the post-grad researchers 🙂   Academic life so far seems to be characterised by poverty, international travel, autonomy, fulfilling […]

First Paper!

I’ve just received confirmation that my first academic paper has been accepted to a conference in Athens this year, DIMEA 2008: The 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment & Arts. The paper’s called “Toward Accessible 3D Virtual Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired” and is a little project I was […]