Wii Backups

Wii Firmware version 3.4E Downgrading by network give error – 116. None of the other networked homebrew applications suffer from this. Changing the Wii to using a static IP rather than DHCP doesn’t work. Installing via WAD file instead does work though. DVD+-RW give a media error. TDK DVD-R 5pk (A37CT), £3.99 from Maplin work […]

Marijuana in the USA

Boston’s where one of the top game studios lives, 2K Boston (née Irrational Games). What with Obama being voted in, and a recent relaxation in the law around marijuana (similar to the situation in South Australia when I lived there, incidentally), it’s suddenly an interesting place to live. Now if only they’d sort this out for Washington (Microsoft, […]

Fit, Sexy, Geeky Chicks!

In an article called “The Virtual Battle of the Sexes“, the BBC report on research by Dmitri Williams (University of Southern California) Mia Consalvo (Ohio University), Scott Caplan (University of Delaware ) and Nick Yee (Palo Alto Research Center). In particular they highlight analyses which suggests EQ2 players tend to be healthier than the general population, and that 40% of them are […]

Paper, Scissors, Stone

After a long day of study I finally posted this Tweet at around 01:50 in the morning, “About to give up and let sleep beat work once again. If only I knew the third part of this Paper/Scissors/Stone-like triad…” It couldn’t be easier: the final part is Play. Sleep beats Work Work beats Play Play […]

Console Ambivalence

Why I haven’t bought a 360: The free GTA4 bundles aren’t available any more. No compelling 360 exclusive games. RROD. Rubbish backwards-compatibility. Too noisy. Why I haven’t bought a PS3: Too expensive. Patchy backwards-compatibility. Sceptical about Home. So the news about a 360 SKU adjustment (60GB for the same price as 20GB) isn’t such a […]

Games Podcasts

Are there any good games industry / tech / research podcasts out there? The closest I’ve found is Game Theory Show but despite the name there’s almost no theory in that show. Although there are lots of other games podcasts out there they usually just describe what they dis/liked about recent games, which is less […]

Wii Homebrew

I’ve just installed the Homebrew Channel, which lets you run homebrew apps on your Wii. So using WiiLoad (actually WiiLoadGUIInstaller) I uploaded and played Snake2. Crap game. Great homebrew potential! Important links include GX.h (for hardware accelerated 3D) in libOGC (examples, forum) on devkitPro (PPC Mailing list, Windows Installer, Getting Started Windows, Getting Started Linux, […]