TextEdit Squeeks!

I’ve noticed this occasionally. When I’m typing in Textedit (my text editor of choice: so fast, so easy) there’s sometimes this quiet, high-pitched ‘squeek’ that comes out of the laptop even when the volume’s muted. I noticed that it only happened when I was typing at least two lines above another, which didn’t explain a […]


It seems Ernest Adams has a book list ‘for everyone in the game industry’. I’m happy to say I’ve read some, own some more (which I’ve been meaning to read for a while now) and have studied at least one of them during my MA course here at UWE. I find it particularly interesting because […]

Sony Shuts Down Lik-Sang

In a shocking abuse of power and showing a complete lack of understanding for the role this company played in the international games industry, Sony have forced the legendary Lik-Sang out of business. Previously I was a slightly disinterested party in the next-gen battle. Now I feel actively boycotting $ony. On the bright side, here […]