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“I Got a Boy”, Marmite, and why Prog-K-Pop is healthy for us all

I Got a Boy has divided K-pop fandom.

Personally when I first watched the MV, I was confused and disappointed. I’d been looking forward to buying the new album, but I changed my mind straight away.

However, I know that my first impressions of music do not last, and there are some songs that I initially really disliked that I now enjoy and play frequently.

I tried listening to it again, this time without watching the video, and found it more enjoyable. I ended up coming to appreciate what was going on in the music, and had it on repeat throughout the day.

I was initially disappointed because I wanted something like the old SNSD, but better. More of the same, but with a bit of an update. What we got instead was something much more demanding and progressive.

“Progressive [rock] songs either avoid common popular music song structures of verse-chorus form, or blur the formal distinctions by extending sections or inserting musical interludes, often with exaggerated dynamics to heighten contrast between sections”

Reading people’s criticism of IGaB reminded me that I’d seen similar things written before. It’s definitely not hip to like Skrillex, but I do, and many of my friends complained about how it just sounded like a mess to them, which is similar to the reaction IGaB has received.

The disappointment with it is because it doesn’t conform to our expectations, and much of the criticism is directed at how disjointed the song feels. I agree with these assessments. However, putting aside my expectations about SNSD and K-pop in general, I also feel that the song still works well when taken as a piece of music in its own right.

Someone online mentioned prog-rock, which reminded me about Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

“Although the song has become one of the most revered in popular music history, some initial critical reaction was poor. Melody Maker said that Queen “contrived to approximate the demented fury of the Balham Amateur Operatic Society performing The Pirates of Penzance“. The newspaper’s critic Allan Jones heard only a “superficially impressive pastiche” of operatic styles.

I decided to look into the song’s structure a little further, and compared it to a range of different tracks using the online visualisation and remixing tool, Infinite Jukebox.

Briefly, this application displays a song as a disc, cut up into many tiny segments. Lines connect similar segments, where the song could transition from one segment to another. The application plays through the song, and occasionally jumps between similar segments. The end result is a novel remix that potentially plays for ever.

Infinite Jukebox uses a threshold value to determine the similarity of segments, where 0 only matches segments that are very similar to each other, and 100 matches segments that are much less similar.

The application computes a different threshold value for each song, and IGaB defaults to a threshold of 55. I decided to see what some other songs looked like using the same value. Following are screen shots from a range of tracks, all configured with the same threshold. (Click the links to play that track on Infinite Jukebox, but you’ll need to be using Google Chrome as other browsers won’t work.)

Gangnam Style – Psy

This visualisation shows a large amount of repetition, with only small unique portions that are unconnected. Structurally there are two large chunks in the lower right and lower left portions that are effectively the same (the chorus), and which provide a vast web of connections. Perhaps this repetition helped to make the song accessible to an unprecedented global audience.


Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

This visualisation demonstrates a classic verse-chorus structure, where there are large portions of the song repeated, and connections are bunched together from one area of the track to another distant area. The density of repetition and connections in this pop hit is similar to that exhibited in Gangnam Style.


Bangarang (feat. Sirah) – Skrillex

Perhaps surprisingly this track has a lot of connections, but mostly only to near-by sections of the song. This track doesn’t conform to a very normal verse-chorus type of structure, though the lumps of connections at 2, 5, and 11 o’clock represent the chorus-like parts of the song (where the “Bangarang” sample occurs).


I Am the Best – 2NE1

This has a slightly more regular structure, particular evident are the choruses at 5 and 8 o’clock, separated by verses. There is a fairly large number of connections jumping throughout the whole top section of the song, however, representing a large degree of similarity through the start and end.


Gee – SNSD

The choruses are evident at the 4, 8 and 10 o’clock positions, punctuated by unconnected sections.


I Got a Boy – SNSD

Notice the large sections without any connections. The only connected sections are the choruses (“I got a boy”) at 10 and 11 o’clock, and the “Oh, oh oh way oh” repeats at 2 and 4 o’clock. This and the following tracks are notably sparse and irregular in their structure when compared to the more conventional pop hits above.


Time – Pink Floyd

The only significant sections that repeat with this threshold are instrumental, specifically the lead guitar solo.

Time - Pink Floyd

Overture – Rush

Similar to Time, this prog-rock track only has one slim section of connections, around the 6 o’clock position.

Overture - Rush

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Almost every part of this song is unique, there are effectively no transitions where the same section is repeated over and over, as you’d expect from a traditional verse-chorus structure. Although this is in some sense a pop song, it’s playing with other forms, including classical composition. It certainly wouldn’t be appropriate to evaluate it in the same way as one would for Gangnam Style, as the listening experience is completely different.


These visualisations show just how structurally unusual IGaB is. Rather than evaluating it in terms of the more traditional (K-)pop form, I argue that it is best appreciated by suspending conventional expectations and letting the music speak for itself.

Having said that, the transition between rock and prog-rock is not necessarily an easy one, and there are likely to be many music lovers who do not have a taste for the progressive form. The same is obviously true for pop and prog-(K-)pop.

Ultimately this is a question of taste. IGaB does not live up to expectations of the-same-but-better. Instead it presents a new flavour. If you were expecting to eat a spoonful of sugar but got marmite instead it would be quite a shock. However, if you can take it on its own terms you might just come to love it. Others, though, never will.

“The British version of the product is a sticky, dark brown paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty. This distinctive taste is reflected in the British company’s marketing slogan: ‘Love it or hate it.'”

Either way, I personally applaud SNSD for making this bold step. Diversity in K-pop is something that I’m sure we’re all happy to support, even though we might not necessarily like every song. It reminds me of S. G. Tallentyre’s characterisation of Voltaire,

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

It strikes me as ironic and a shame when a sub-culture begins to behave like the hegemony. This is particularly the case in regards to creative and expressive mediums like music, fashion, and dance. Some of the criticism of IGaB has been levelled at SNSD’s inauthenticity at presenting a hip hop image. I’m grateful that no one owns music, fashion, or style, and I believe that music in particular speaks to something more universal than specifically socio-cultural artefacts and backgrounds. SNSD do not, indeed, come from “the ghetto”, nor I would wager do most of the Western hip hop groups in the music industry. Queen were not a classical orchestra, though thankfully such concerns did not limit their ability to take on the influence of those exotic forms and appropriate them in novel and creative ways. Some of the most interesting creative work comes from stepping outside the normal boundaries, and blending foreign DNA to evolve a new, fitter hybrid.

We would not, I hope, criticise Korean artists for taking on influences from Western pop, rock, motown, disco, or indie. This seems particularly pertinent when talking to a Western audience consuming Korean media. I take great pleasure in the fact that we live in a world where I can wear a mandarin collared jacket without having to worry about cultural inauthenticity or lack of integrity.

Whether IGaB or marmite are to your taste or not, let’s celebrate that these interesting flavours are available for those who do like them. Reinvention and progression in music is healthy and inevitable. With such a high profile band breaking the mold, it might lead the way for further diversity and acceptance in K-pop, indie, hip hop and other creative fields.

In the end that’s good for all of us.


[Edit: 14th January 2013]

Within 24 hours of my post, the LA Times published an article that made some similar points,

In the case of “I Got a Boy,” impatient bursts of synthetic melodies, hooks, bridges, breaks and bass drops change every eight or 16 bars in drastic directions, as though Katy Perry/Kesha producer Dr. Luke were trying to make a modern-day “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“The first time I heard “I Got a Boy,” nothing fit together. … When it clicked after repeated listens, I felt like I’d finished a crossword puzzle.”

“Recent dance pop hits by Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga have relied more conservatively on the joy of expectations met, delivering streamlined groove tracks that wobble and weave along a single path, modern but still remaining true to the same verse-chorus-verse structure that’s reigned for half a century. “I Got a Boy” travels wherever it wants, like a willful 2-year-old in a McDonald’s Playplace.”

“Such fractured magnetism shouldn’t come as a surprise. You can hear it in the angular bombast of American dubstep, in which the structural warbles and around-the-corner hooks and breakdowns suggest a kind of sonic cubism.”

“Why the structural dissonance? I think it is, in part, the consequence of an instant-access, on-demand era, one in which shuffle and channel-click entertainment choices have altered the relationship between medium and listener.”

‘I Got a Boy’ delivers a scattered anthem of the Girls’ Generation.

Kpop Playlist


  1. ChoColat__Syndrome__쇼콜라의__신드롬__MV_Full_HD
  2. 서인영(Seo_In-Young)_-_Oh_My_Gosh
  3. [MV]_Ivy_-_A-Ha_[HD]
  4. HD_MV____G_NA__-_Top_Girl
  5. Nep___DoRaDoRa_MV
  6. TINY-G(타이니지)___TINY-G_(작은거인)_MV
  7. Nine_Muses(나인뮤지스)___No_PlayBoy
  8. 시크릿_(SECRET)_-_TALK_THAT_M_V
  9. 달샤벳(Dalshabet)_'있기_없기'_M_V_(없기_ver_)
  10. Yoseop_Yang_(양요섭)_-_Caffeine_(카페인)_(Official_Music_Video)
  11. Orange_Caramel_–_Lipstick_Remix_(DJ_Hanmin)
  12. Roh_Ji_Hoon(노지훈)___Punishment(벌_받나_봐)_MV
  14. T-ara___Like_The_First_Time_[HQ_MV]_(ENG_SUB)
  15. 2NE1_-_CLAP_YOUR_HANDS_(박수쳐)_M_V
  16. 2NE1_-_UGLY_M_V
  17. 2NE1_-_IT_HURTS_(아파)_M_V
  18. FIESTAR(피에스타)___We_Don't_Stop_MV
  20. LEE_HI_(이하이)_-_1_2_3_4_M_V
  21. HyunA_vs__Girls_Generation_-_The_Ice_Cream_Boys_(MashUp)
  22. Gain(가인)___Bloom(피어나)_MV
  23. [ENG_SUB]_Miss_A_-_Lips
  24. [M_V]_miss_A(미쓰에이)__남자_없이_잘_살아_(I_don't_need_a_man)
  25. [HD_MV]_No_more_perfume_on_you(향수뿌리지마)
  26. Netsky_VS_2NE1_-_Fire_Puppy_(Espio_Mashup)
  27. [FULL_HD_MV]_2NE1_-_Love_Is_Ouch_(사랑은_아야야)
  28. Lee_Hyo_Ri_(이효리)_-_U-Go-Girl_(유고걸)_(With__낯선)
  29. [090118][HD]_After_School_-_AH!_(Debut_Stage)_@_Inki
  30. [HD]_After_School_(アフタースクール)_-_Bang!_(Dance_Edit_Ver_)_PV
  31. [HD]_After_School_(アフタースクール)_-_Diva_(Dance_Edit_Ver_)_PV
  32. [HD]_After_School_(アフタースクール)_-_Rambling_Girls_PV
  33. [M_V]_2PM_-_10_out_of_10_from_[Hottest_Time_of_the_Day]
  34. Jang Woo Young (장우영) – 00001-[M_V]_Jang_Woo_Young_(장우영)__SEXY_LADY__from_23,_MALE,_SINGLE
  35. MV_HD_TEEN_TOP_-_Party_Tonight
  36. [MV_1080p]_CHI_CHI_-_Don't_Play_Around
  37. 01_Chocolat_-_Get_Up_MP3_DOWNLOAD
  38. 4minute-_Sweet_Suga_Honey_FULL_HQ_ENG_TRANS
  39. 4MINUTE_-_HUH_M_V
  40. 4minute_-_Love_Tension_PV
  41. 4Minute_-_WHY_M_V
  43. AUDIO_A_PINK_Track_5_-_Boo
  44. B1A4_-_Beautiful_Target_Full_ver
  45. Baek_Ji_Young_백지영___Good_Boy_feat_Yong_Jun_Hyung_of_BEAST_MV
  46. BEAST_'아름다운_밤이야_(Beautiful_Night)'_(Official_Music_Video)
  47. Brown_Eyed_Girls_Sixth_Sense_MV
  48. BTOB_-_WOW_M_V
  49. Clazziquai_Project_(클래지콰이)_-_'Fill_this_Night'_from_2nd_Album__Color_your_Soul
  50. Crayon_Pop_-_Bing_Bing_MV_HD
  51. CRAYON_POP_(크레용팝)___New_Ver____Saturday_Night_(비공식_영상)
  52. Dal★shabet_(달샤벳)_-_Disco_Time
  53. DANCE_VER_T-ara_-_Roly_Poly_MV_HD
  54. EvoL(이블)___We_are_a_bit_different(우린_좀_달라)_MV
  55. FIESTAR_피에스타___Vista_Performance_Ver_MV
  56. MBLAQ_vs__Infinite_-_End_This_War_Before_The_Dawn_(MashUp)
  57. FTISLAND_4th_ALBUM_title_song_[좋겠어]_(I_wish)_M_V
  58. Girl_s_Day_-_Oh_My_God_mirrored_Dance_Practice
  59. GLAM_-_Party_XXO_글램_-_파티_XXO_Music_Core_20120901
  60. Guilty_Seung-Yeon
  61. HD_120511_Hello_Venus_-_Hello_Venus_Debut_Stage_MUSIC_BANK_May_11_2012
  62. HYUNA_Bubble_Pop
  63. J_Rabbit_-_All_you_need_is_love_(Cover)
  64. 00001-JYP
  65. PSY_-_RIGHT_NOW_(Seo_Woo_Ver_)_M_V
  66. Kara_-_Again_again-_090816-_2pm
  67. KARA_카라_-_PANDORA_판도라_DANCE_Music_Video
  68. KARA_Seung_Yeon(한승연)_-_Guilty_(길티)
  69. Live_120915_KARA_-_Mr_Acoustic_ver_YHY_s_Sketchbook
  70. Live_HD_720p_120427_-_Girl_s_Day_-_Oh_my_god_-_Music_Bank
  71. MV_New_F_O_뉴에프오_-Bounce
  72. ORANGE_CARAMEL_-_LIPSTICK_English_sub_Romanization_Hangul_1080p_HD
  73. Primary_-_37_2°C_Pink_(With_Yozoh)_(아이리버_37_2°C_핑크_캠페인_송)
  74. PSY_-_GANGNAM_STYLE_ft_After_School_Kara_SISTAR_SBS_Inkigayo_Special_Stage_HD_1080P
  75. Rainbow_Mach_Live_HD_Performance_101022_Music_Bank
  76. Seeya(씨야)__-_Hot_girl
  77. SHINHWA_'VENUS'_Official_Music_Video
  78. Shinhwa_-_Only_One_[MTV]
  79. Son_Dam_Bi_-_Saturday_Night_HD
  80. SPICA_스피카___I_ll_be_there_MV
  81. SunnyHill(써니힐)___Princess_and_Prince_Charming(백마는_오고_있는가)_MV
  82. 00001-Super_Junior_Sexy – 00001-Super_Junior_Sexy,_Free_&_Single_Music_Video
  84. T-ara_-_Lovey_Dovey_-_Zombie_-_Trimmed_Ver_-_좀비
  85. T-ara(티아라)___DAY_BY_DAY_(Dance_Ver_)
  86. T-ARA(티아라)___Sexy_Love_(Dance_Ver__MV)
  87. TaeYang_-_I_Need_A_Girl_태양_HD_MV
  88. TASTY(테이스티)___You_know_me(너_나_알아)_MV
  89. TEEN_TOP(틴탑)___To_You_MV
  90. 레드소울_프로젝트_No_5_2011_히트곡_메들리
  91. 보아_BoA__아틀란티스_소녀_뮤직비디오_MusicVideo
  92. [Audio]_f(x)_-_Mr__Boogie
  93. 시크릿_SECRET_-_POISON_M_V
  94. 아저씨_(Feat_제이레빗)___김진표
  95. 쥬얼리_-_룩앳미_(Look_At_Me)_(Full_ver_)
  96. Super_Junior_슈퍼주니어_-_Mr_Simple_SunMix
  97. 4_Minute_-_What_A_Girl_Wants
  98. Tiara_-_Bo_Peep_Bo_Peep
  99. Miss_A_-_Good-Bye_Baby_Dance_Version_HD
  100. A_-_Rainbow_MV
  101. M_V_2PM_Again_again_Dance_Ver
  102. Nine_Muses_-_Give_Me_With_Seo_In_Young_Prosecutor_Princess_OST
  103. KARA_We_re_With_You_HQ_MV_ENG_SUB
  104. WE_-_Party
  105. Wonder_Girls_-_Tell_me_HD
  106. 110107_HQ_Secret_-_Shy_Boy_Live_Music_Bank
  107. 嚴正花Uhm_Jung_Hwa-DISCO_Ft_TOP_Music_Video中文字幕
  108. T-ara_티아라___Cry_Cry_MV_Ver_2
  109. STELLAR-U_F_O_Music_Video
  110. 씨스타-니까짓게_SISTAR-How_Dare_You_M_V_Full_초고화질
  111. 달샤벳_dal_shabet_-블링블링_bling_bling_full_HD_M_V
  112. DJDOC나이런사람이야_뮤직비디오
  113. KARA_-_STEP
  114. 4MINUTE_-_I_My_Me_Mine_M_V
  115. Wonder_Girls_-_11_Be_My_Baby_Ra_D_Mix
  116. HQ_カラ_KARA_-_Do_It_Do_It
  117. T-ARA_-_Crazy_because_of_you_티아라_-_너_때문에_미쳐_Music_Core_20100313
  118. KARA_-_ウィンターマシ_ック_DJ_T_HIROYUKI_X_mas_Club_Mix
  119. BEAST_-_SHOCK_M_V
  120. MV_1080p_4minute_-_Freestyle
  121. MV_Full_HD_T-ara_티아라_-_Roly_Poly_롤리폴리_MelOn_Stage_Cut
  122. Wonder_Girls_The_DJ_Is_Mine
  123. SISTAR_씨스타_So_Cool_Choreography_ver_안무영상
  124. 9MUSES_나인뮤지스_Single_Figaro_MV
  125. MV_Secret_시크릿_-_Magic_매직_1st_Mini_Album_Secret_Time
  126. 나인뮤지스_9Muses_Intro_News_단체_안무_연습
  127. Trouble_Maker_Trouble_Maker_M_V
  128. Dal_shabet_달샤벳_-_Hit_U_MV_HD_ENG_SUB
  130. BoA_보아__Energetic_MusicVideo
  131. B_A_P_-_WARRIOR_워리어_M_V
  132. MV_1080p_G-Dragon_-_This_Love
  133. HD_HQ_Music_Video_T-ara_-_Bo_Peep_Bo_Peep
  134. SHINee_샤이니___RingDingDong_링딩동___MusicVideo
  136. TRUE_HD_SHINee_-_Replay_English_Lyrics_Subbed
  137. Bjj_-_First_Kiss_Lyrics_Romaji_Hangul_SNSD
  138. Ailee_에일리___Heaven_MV
  139. JS_-_Nobody_-_Wondergirls_cover
  140. Brown_Eyed_Girls_Abracadabra
  141. After_School_-_Because_of_You_MV_English_subs
  142. Oh_Bo_Peep_Bo_Peep
  143. Apink_MYMY_M_V
  144. 에프엑스_f_x__Chu_츄__MusicVideo
  146. SHINee_샤이니___LUCIFER___MusicVideo_HD
  147. Secret_-_Madonna_Sep_18_10
  148. HD_T-ARA_-_Bo_Peep_Bo_Peep_Jun_29_2010_World_Cup_Special
  150. M_V_miss_A_미쓰에이_Breathe_브리드_from_Step_Up
  151. CN_BLUE_-_intuition_MV
  154. B1A4_-_BABY_I_M_SORRY_Full_ver
  155. B1A4_-_O_K_Full_ver
  156. M_V_G-DRAGON_-_少年よ_A_YO_HD
  158. 日本語字幕_Son_Dam_Bi_손담비_-_Queen
  159. Ma_Boy_마보이_-_Sistar_19_씨스타_19_Cover_feat_StillNotDavid
  160. SHINee_샤이니_Juliette_줄리엣__MUSIC_VIDEO
  161. Kara_Mister_dance_cover
  162. KARA_-_LUPIN_루팡
  163. 레드소울_프로젝트_No_5_2011_히트곡_메들리
  164. Dal_shabet_달샤벳_-_Supa_Dupa_Diva_Music_video_Full_ver
  165. HD_MV_Secret_-_Magic_Engsub_romani
  166. EXO-K_HISTORY_Music_Video_Korean_ver
  167. 편집본_카라_-_미스터_720p_Kara_-_Mr
  168. Chocolat_쇼콜라_-_하루만_더_MV_HD_ENG_SUB
  169. Kara_Mr
  170. TVXQ_동방신기___MIROTIC-주문___MusicVideo_뮤직비디오
  171. Live_HD_720p_120301_-_Stellar_-_UFO_-_M_Countdown
  172. FULL_HD_FULL_MV_T_Ara_-_RoLy_PoLy_hangul_romanization_eng_sub
  173. BIGBANG_G-Dragon_-_She_s_Gone_MV
  174. miss_A_-_Bad_Girl_Good_Girl_MV
  175. BoA_-_I_ll_Eat_You_Up_High_Quality_New_Updated_Version
  176. TVXQ_東方神起___왜_Keep_Your_Head_Down___MusicVideo
  177. Live_HD_720p_120226_-_Chocolat_-_Same_thing_to_her_-_Wave_K
  178. MV_Kara_Wanna_HD
  179. Full_HD_Secret_-_Shy_Boy_Full_MV
  180. BoA_보아__HURRICANE_VENUS_뮤직비디오_MusicVideo
  181. BoA_보아__GAME_뮤직비디오_MusicVideo
  182. 시크릿_Secret_-_사랑은_MOVE_Love_is_MOVE___M_V
  183. M_V_2PM_HANDS_UP_from_HANDS_UP
  184. T-ara_-_I_Go_Crazy_Because_of_You_MV_720p_HD_HQ_Audio
  185. Brown_Eyed_Girls_-_너에게_속았다_M_V
  186. SISTAR19_씨스타19_-_Ma_Boy_Dance_ver_안무영상
  187. SHINee_샤이니_-_Lucifer_ROBOTAKee_Remix
  189. FTISLAND_3RD_MINI_ALBUM_Hello_Hello_Music_video_full_ver
  190. M_V_miss_A_Good-bye_Baby_from_A_Class
  191. HD_CO-ED_SCHOOL_남녀공학_-_삐리뽐_빼리뽐_Bbiribbom_Bbaeribom_M_V
  192. 에프엑스_피노키오_Danger__MUSIC_VIDEO
  193. Rocket_Girl_-_STELLAR_스텔라
  194. FULL_HD_Super_Junior_-_Sorry_Sorry_hangul_romanization_eng_sub
  195. Abracadabra-_Brown_Eyed_Girls_Dance_Version
  196. HQ_Brown_Eyed_Girls_-_How_Come_MV
  197. Full_HD_Kara_-_Jumping_Korean_Ver_MV
  198. rainbow_A_mix_version
  199. Big_Bang_Lies_Watch_in_HD_Korean_Music_Video
  200. M_V_Wonder_Girls_NOBODY
  201. Eng_Rom_G_Dragon_-_She_s_Gone_MV
  202. M_V_カラ_KARA_-_MR
  203. G_Dragon_-_A_Boy_LIVE_Performence_HD
  204. 씨스타_가식걸_Shady_Girl_M_V_with_슈퍼주니어_김희철_김경진
  205. Wonder_Girls_원더걸스_-_Be_My_Baby
  206. [M_V]_J_Y__Park_(JYP_박진영)_-__너_뿐이야__(You're_the_one)
  207. After_school_애프터스쿨___Shampoo_MV
  208. MV_BIGBANG_빅뱅_-_Haru_Haru_하루_하루_2008_w_English_Lyrics_HD
  209. Stellar_-_U_F_O_MV_English_subs_Romanization_Hangul_HD
  210. Super_Junior_슈퍼주니어___BONAMANA_미인아___MusicVideo
  211. B2ST_-Beautiful_Music_Bank_-HD
  212. MV_Jewelry_-_One_More_Time_HD
  213. M_V_Wonder_Girls_So_Hot
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  215. Miss A – 00125-M_V_miss_A_Touch_from_the_4th_project_TOUCH
  217. Pixie_Lott_-_Dancing_on_my_own_feat_GD_TOP
  218. HD_Orange_Caramel_-_Bangkok_City_MV_오렌지캬라멜_-_뱅콕시티_뮤직비디오
  219. Official_M_V_J_Y_Park_박진영_JYP_No_Love_No_More_from_Sad_Freedom
  220. R_T_JYP_Miss_A_Performing_Bad_Girl_Good_Girl_Together_on_Sketchbook
  221. Sistar_씨스타___Alone_나혼자_MV
  222. 따라해_Wannabe_by_EPIK_HIGH_Music_Video
  223. T-ara_YaYaYa
  224. 왜_샤이보이_Why_Shy_Boy_TVXQ_vs_Secret_mashup
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  234. 4Minute – 00144-4Minute_-_FIRST_M_V
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  252. After_School_-_Bang_100605_LIVE_1080_HD
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  254. Girl's_Day(걸스데이)___Don't_forget_me(나를_잊지마요)_MV

Spare Room To Rent

Small single room available in a 5 bedroom house:

£300 per month, available from the 1st January 2013.

Water bills are included, but other charges (TV, internet, gas, electricity) come to about £45 per person per month.
Deposit is the same as one month’s rent.

We’re looking for easy-going and sociable full-time students only.

Non-students, and foreign language students at schools such as St. Giles, ISIS, etc. would need to additionally pay council tax, approximately £100 per month.

No couples and no smokers please.

The house has the following features:

100Mb Wireless broadband.
Widescreen TV.
Good sized garden with patio and shed.
Double glazing throughout.
2 Fridge/freezers.
Washing machine.
Tumble dryer.
Gas over / hob / grill.
Comfy lounge.
Bath & shower with strong water pressure and quick heating.
Separate toilet.
Friendly and helpful landlord.
Convenient location for buses to university and the centre of town (e. g., 24, 25, 25A, 25B, 25C, 28, 29, 29A, 29B, 37, 38, 38A, 49, 49A, 49B, 49E, 74, 78, 81A, 81C, 88, 91, N25)
10 minute walk from the large Sainsbury’s supermarket at the Vogue Gyratory on Lewes Road.
Here’s a map of the local area. We’re on the Eastern corner of Kimberley and Ladysmith Road.

Please contact Gareth to arrange a viewing,

Google street view,

Video walkthrough,



Living Room

Living Room



Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extension



Rear of house

Rear of house



Downstairs Spare Room £300 per month

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Loose MacBook Headphone Jack

The slightest movement of my cable on my headphones causes the connection to fail and the MacBook reverts to the internal speaker.

Most annoying. It’s been like this for a long time, years, maybe the whole time I’ve had the laptop.

It turns out that this is a common complaint, and the solution is to replace the logic board (!) presumably with one that has a different connector, or to hack it with a tiny sliver of aluminium foil,

Take a VERY tiny piece of aluminum foil and fold it up so its thickness is equal to the distance that your headphones pull out of the audio jack on the macbook when gently pulled. On mine, it’s probably half a millimeter.

Your aluminum square should only be large enough to fold over the bulbous tip of the 3.5mm plug. Do not make it so large as to cover any of the colored lines on the tip of the plug. Mine was about 4mm wide (go figure, it’s a 3.5mm plug).

Insert the plug with the aluminum cover all the way into the socket. When you pull it back out, the aluminum should stay in down at the bottom of the plug; it will serve as a spacer so there is no longer a gap in the slightly larger microphone/audio dual plug on MacBooks (made to be compatible with the Apple audio/mic headseats).

Snow Leopard horizontal mouse scroll

For some time I’ve been unable to scroll horizontally with a mouse.

The fix was to uninstall USB OverDrive 3.0.1.

The lack of horizontal scrolling usually isn’t a problem, but with my recent standing desk I’ve been using my laptop attached to an Apple keyboard and mouse. The mouse is a MightyMouse that has a 2D scroll wheel, but it’s only every worked in the vertical axis. That’s ok, but I often could benefit from horizontal scrolling too.

This seemed like the right place to go:

System Preferences -> Mouse

Nothing I did seemed to have any effect though, even when I disabled scrolling completely I was still stuck with vertical scrolling.

There are some other posts online about this, and I did have a temporary fix by fiddling with Universal Access, and the Zoom button in Mouse settings too. This only worked once though, and I wasn’t able to replicate it after logging off and back on again.

OpenOffice Calc: Copy Formulae


I have a document with some VLookup() calls in it, which refer to an external file.

I want to copy this sheet into a different document.


If I copy / paste or Copy Sheet, the formulae break (unable to locate the external file, giving REF? errors).

Solution comes courtesy of

Find & Replace

(Search in formulae)

Replace = with #.

This changes forumlae into harmless text strings.

Copy/paste the cells containing these text strings.

Search / Replace # back to =.

The text strings revert back to real formulae again.