Ubuntu Diaereses

OSX deals with dieraeses wonderfully. Press Alt-u (for Umlaute) then a, for example, and you get รค. For Ubuntu you can find a list of these kinds of shortcuts here, but first you need to configure your “Compose Key” similar to this: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard ->Layouts -> Layout Options -> Compose Key Position: […]

DPhil Funding

Well, today’s turning out to be quite a day for announcements. Last October I was supposed to start my PhD here at Sussex uni, but legal issues meant that wasn’t possible so I started working here temporarily instead. Although the funding won’t be coming from the original source the university have offered me a Graduate […]

First Paper!

I’ve just received confirmation that my first academic paper has been accepted to a conference in Athens this year, DIMEA 2008: The 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment & Arts. The paper’s called “Toward Accessible 3D Virtual Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired” and is a little project I was […]

Wii Homebrew

I’ve just installed the Homebrew Channel, which lets you run homebrew apps on your Wii. So using WiiLoad (actually WiiLoadGUIInstaller) I uploaded and played Snake2. Crap game. Great homebrew potential! Important links include GX.h (for hardware accelerated 3D) in libOGC (examples, forum) on devkitPro (PPC Mailing list, Windows Installer, Getting Started Windows, Getting Started Linux, […]

Ubuntu Wii

Following some of the instructions on CWiiD I now have my Wiimote connected to my Ubuntu desktop. I accidentally followed the instructions for Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) instead of Hardy Heron (8.04) but it seems to have not caused any harm. Apparently this is all I needed to do, ~/$ sudo apt-get install libcwiid1 lswm wmgui […]