Fit, Sexy, Geeky Chicks!

In an article called “The Virtual Battle of the Sexes“, the BBC report on research by Dmitri Williams (University of Southern California) Mia Consalvo (Ohio University), Scott Caplan (University of Delaware ) and Nick Yee (Palo Alto Research Center). In particular they highlight analyses which suggests EQ2 players tend to be healthier than the general population, and that 40% of them are […]

Mobile Phone Battery

My phone battery is pretty much useless these days. Manufacturer: Sanyo Model: WIZA16 Type: Li-ion Capacity: 1250 mAh Voltage: 3.7VDC These suppliers seem to be the cheapest in the UK, Replacement for DOPOD 838, D600, WIZA100, HTC Wizard, I-Mate K-JAM, O2 Xda Mini, QTEK 9100, T-MOBILE MDA Vario PDA Battery (£10.05 + £3.95 registered delivery […]

Paper, Scissors, Stone

After a long day of study I finally posted this Tweet at around 01:50 in the morning, “About to give up and let sleep beat work once again. If only I knew the third part of this Paper/Scissors/Stone-like triad…” It couldn’t be easier: the final part is Play. Sleep beats Work Work beats Play Play […]

Console Windows

My internet connection’s slow, so X over SSH isn’t usable for remote connections. Twin might be a solution,   sudo apt-get install twin   Alternatively there’s VWM,   Download, make and install in the following order: libpseudo make && sudo make install   sudo apt-get install libgpmg1-dev make && sudo make install   libviper make && […]

University of Sussex – RAE Results

Results of the Research Assessment Exercise have been published with the following notable findings, “Taking account of all staff who could have been submitted, with some institutions excluding many eligible staff, Sussex is at 16th place overall – a measure of the research intensity of the institution.” “Over 90% of Sussex research activity is rated […]

PlayOnLinux – Synaptic

For a while I’ve seen error messages when running apt-get update At the start of the update it produces the following: Err hardy Release.gpg Could not resolve ‘’ Err hardy/main Translation-en_GB Could not resolve ‘’ Then at the end gives these error messages W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve ‘’ W: […]

OSX Commandline User/Group

“Add a New Group” similar to groupadd on Ubuntu. Basically does this sort of thing, dscl . create /groups/GROUPNAME gid GROUPGID dscl . create /groups/GROUPNAME passwd ‘*’ dscl . merge /groups/GROUPNAME users USERNAME You could also download the GNU OSXUserTools (V1.4) which includes: useradd groupadd groupdel userdel etcpasssync “Add a user to the admin group via command line” Make […]