Sex, Drugs and Videogames en EspaƱa

According to Wikipedia, “Personal consumption and home cultivation of cannabis have been decriminalized, but buying or selling remains a criminal offense.” And High Times has this to say, “Spain is in the vanguard of a new European revolution in pot freedom” There’s also a forum post on that page from a tourist who claimed he […]

Amsterdam 2K+7

At 4am on Friday the 27th of April I got up to fly to Amsterdam. At 9pm on Tuesday the 1st of May I flew back to Brisol. Here’s a photo documentary of what happend in between when I met up with Christian, Thad, Oli, Chris, Anastassiya, Roland, Jaecinta & friends… I’m putting the videos […]

Mike Gravel on Marijuana

While I don’t get to vote in the US elections, this Democrat has some interesting and appealing things to say. Around 5:30, “What do you think about legalising marijuana and giving the people the opportunity to grow their own remedy?” “That one’s real simple: I would legalise marijuana.” Then around 6:20, “Marijuana’s a simple one, […]