Build USB Cable

Anyone know how to build a USB cable? These might help, USB Coil Cable Make a short USB cable Converting your old USB 1.1 cables into USB 2.0 cables USB Cables USB pinout USB pinout How USB Ports Work American Wire Gauge (AWG) table USB 2.0 Plugs Equipment Wire 24/02 Multi-Core Screened Cable Type 7-1-C […]

Wii Backups

Wii Firmware version 3.4E Downgrading by network give error – 116. None of the other networked homebrew applications suffer from this. Changing the Wii to using a static IP rather than DHCP doesn’t work. Installing via WAD file instead does work though. DVD+-RW give a media error. TDK DVD-R 5pk (A37CT), £3.99 from Maplin work […]

Numbers 09: Durations & Templates

So along with my new MacBook I also upgraded to the new version of iWork. This has produced several problems with my household bills. First of all, spreadsheets which previously worked now produce errors. This appears to be down to the difference way Number 09 handles durations. Previously I had calculations which subtracted one date […]

Bibliographic Software

I spoke previously about my troubles with LaTeX, to which this post is related. I’ve been checking out Papers recently. It seems to be unstable, I’ve had several crashes in the last couple of days. Doesn’t provide the kind of system integration I expect from normal OSX applications. For instance, drag & drop of URLs […]