Console Ambivalence

Why I haven’t bought a 360: The free GTA4 bundles aren’t available any more. No compelling 360 exclusive games. RROD. Rubbish backwards-compatibility. Too noisy. Why I haven’t bought a PS3: Too expensive. Patchy backwards-compatibility. Sceptical about Home. So the news about a 360 SKU adjustment (60GB for the same price as 20GB) isn’t such a […]

Games Podcasts

Are there any good games industry / tech / research podcasts out there? The closest I’ve found is Game Theory Show but despite the name there’s almost no theory in that show. Although there are lots of other games podcasts out there they usually just describe what they dis/liked about recent games, which is less […]

IP Filter

My ISP is TalkTalk who provide the following modem / router: Product Name SmartAX MT882 Software Release V200R002B021 Opal Firmware Release E.37.5.5 Release Date (2006-05-12) Batch ID RCC1P2.021.E3755 I’ve been having problems setting up BitTorrent, etc. The web interface has no documentation and according to some forums this modem has some features disabled. So I […]

Game Sales vs Game Quality

What’s the relationship between sales of the 1281 PS2 games sold in December 2006 and their corresponding Metacritic scores? High scoring games need good marketing to sell well. Most games are low quality and sell poorly. [EDIT: 2008-10-30] Graham passed on an Edge article from 2007 which comments the “Badly reviewed games that sold well […]