This article is over a year and a half old, but I’ve only just come across it. Matt Nagle is 26 year olds, and is a C4 quadriplegic, and he can play Pong with his mind. You might also describe him as cybernetic, part biology, part technology. Interesting for my research into phenomenology and videogames. […]

Currently Reading

Here are a few provocative titles to give you a bit of an idea what kind of things I’m reading for my course, Violence and the Baudrillardian Repetition in Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho. Toward a phenomenology of the Role-Playing Game. The Practice of Perception: Multi-Functionality and Time in the Experiences of a Heavy Metal […]

Sex Toys

A friend of mine has just launched his new website. Remember Christmas is just around the corner so if you want to get that special person something naughty but nice, you’d be well advised to take a look!