Fit, Sexy, Geeky Chicks!

In an article called “The Virtual Battle of the Sexes“, the BBC report on research by Dmitri Williams (University of Southern California) Mia Consalvo (Ohio University), Scott Caplan (University of Delaware ) and Nick Yee (Palo Alto Research Center). In particular they highlight analyses which suggests EQ2 players tend to be healthier than the general population, and that 40% of them are […]

Hot Research!

This week I’m in Athens, presenting my first ever academic publication, “Toward Accessible 3D Virtual Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired” at DIMEA 2008.   It’s all about the hotness: of the weather (34 C) and the post-grad researchers 🙂   Academic life so far seems to be characterised by poverty, international travel, autonomy, fulfilling […]

Heavenly Heroes

I’ve been watching a lot of Heroes recently. (Hayden Panettiere – Claire Bennet – is very cute!). I noticed that Jessica and Micah were “playing” Heavenly Sword (which hasn’t even been released yet). Nice choice of game though. It’s about a beautiful but deadly woman, so seems fitting that Jessica – rather than Niki – […]

Sex, Drugs and Videogames en España

According to Wikipedia, “Personal consumption and home cultivation of cannabis have been decriminalized, but buying or selling remains a criminal offense.” And High Times has this to say, “Spain is in the vanguard of a new European revolution in pot freedom” There’s also a forum post on that page from a tourist who claimed he […]

Sex Toys

A friend of mine has just launched his new website. Remember Christmas is just around the corner so if you want to get that special person something naughty but nice, you’d be well advised to take a look!