PDF Character encodings

I often try to quote sections of PDF documents into my own, but occasionally come across documents where this is not possible. For example, when I copy the text “Evaluating” from this PDF into another application, it comes out as “#$%&$'()* I can look at the fonts used in the document, File->Properties->Fonts It seems that […]

Bibliographic Software

I spoke previously about my troubles with LaTeX, to which this post is related. I’ve been checking out Papers recently. It seems to be unstable, I’ve had several crashes in the last couple of days. Doesn’t provide the kind of system integration I expect from normal OSX applications. For instance, drag & drop of URLs […]

Paper, Scissors, Stone

After a long day of study I finally posted this Tweet at around 01:50 in the morning, “About to give up and let sleep beat work once again. If only I knew the third part of this Paper/Scissors/Stone-like triad…” It couldn’t be easier: the final part is Play. Sleep beats Work Work beats Play Play […]

University of Sussex – RAE Results

Results of the Research Assessment Exercise have been published with the following notable findings, “Taking account of all staff who could have been submitted, with some institutions excluding many eligible staff, Sussex is at 16th place overall – a measure of the research intensity of the institution.” “Over 90% of Sussex research activity is rated […]

Hot Research!

This week I’m in Athens, presenting my first ever academic publication, “Toward Accessible 3D Virtual Environments for the Blind and Visually Impaired” at DIMEA 2008.   It’s all about the hotness: of the weather (34 C) and the post-grad researchers 🙂   Academic life so far seems to be characterised by poverty, international travel, autonomy, fulfilling […]