My New Game!

Finally…! We’re now allowed to speak about the latest Rockstar title that I’ve been working on for the last year and a half! The company is very tight-lipped about our products prior to release and dead serious about secrecy, but now the wait it over. You can read all about it with interviews and screenshots. […]


Topical because that was the name of the company I worked at, where yesterday all of the staff lost their jobs. Simultaneously the New South Wales Premier used that word when talking about the riots in Sydney: I won’t allow Sydney’s reputation as a tolerant, vibrant international city to be tarnished by these ratbags and […]

Family Media Guide = Great Review Site!

(11:18:06) Oliver: have u seen that “family media guide”-webpage..? This page points out some major problems in our industry! (11:19:12) Oliver: For example there is no game with graphical sex scenes. No game got the red S for that… i am terrified! (11:20:26) Oliver: My result: F-word, A*s, B*tch, D*ck, Goddamn, Sh*t!! (11:31:27) Oliver: But […]