I just came across the Wikipedia entry for Huntsman spiders. This is the kind I had in my house in South Australia. The grow up to 25-30cm you know: Cute! One day when I was leaving for work we saw one of these fellas on the wall in the lounge. When I got home that […]

Can Games Make You Cry?

/. is running a thread on this topic: “How many times have you cried while actually playing a game as opposed to sitting there with the controller in your lap watching some CGI ” “in-game interactions develop a sense of connection with the characters” “Such an event is emotional because you can’t control it … […]

All your MP3s are belong to us

I only just registerd with AllOfMp3 but have downloaded a couple of albums and can say I’m quite happy. At about $0.10 per track you really can’t argue. They’ve got a large collection of music and you can download tracks in whatever format / bitrate you like. It does take a little while for them […]


I had a problem with the harddisk in my G4 PowerBook the other day so reformatted and reinstalled OSX just to be on the safe side. It was surprsingly quick and easy to get back up to speed, but I’ve also installed a couple of applications to that make life a lot easier: Quicksilver   […]