OSX rsync Character set problems

rsync can experience problems when backing up with devices that use different character sets to one another. For example, I use rsync to backup from Ubuntu to OSX, but saw frequent errors with some files that had odd names. The solution, as mentioned in the FAQ, required me to download a more up-to-date version (3.1.0dev […]

Terminal.app ExecutionString

This annoyed me. If in Terminal.app you happen to click File -> Use Settings as Defaults, it’ll automatically launch the currently running process each time you open a new Terminal window. Sounds fine, but there’s no corresponding item in the preferences window. You have to manually modify your preferences file!

Bluefish Printing

Annoying Bluefish doesn’t have a built-in print command. I use vim to create a PS, then ps2pdf to convert that to a PDF, then print that file: vim “+ha > ‘%s.ps'” +q ‘%s’ 2>/dev/null && ps2pdf ‘%s.ps’ && lpr ‘%s.pdf’ [EDIT: 2008-12-03] It’s just occurred to me that this probably isn’t necessary; I just loaded […]

OSX Zoom

[Edit: 15th July 2011: RightZoom fixes this problem well.] One of the things I still find annoying about OSX is the green window zoom button. I want it to operate like the min/maximise button in Windows, and this script achieves that for me, in Terminal at least.   [EDIT: 2008-12-05] From “How to maximize Safari […]

More TalkTalk Problems

So we got back online, but performance was really bad. On Monday I received an email asking to confirm that I was back online, which I did, but complained about the performance. Then today I received another email from tech support to let me know that they’d increased my line speed to 7MB. I verified […]

TalkTalk Problems

For the last couple of months we’ve had problems with our ISP. After being regularly kept on hold for 30 minutes at a time, transferred across three continents, and having to speak to many operators who clearly don’t have a clue, they finally gave us a new modem. While I’m happy to have connectivity again, […]

Ubuntu Desktop Mount Icons

This is quite annoying. Unless the host portion of the UNC is different (eg, by removing the full domain path and only leaving the machine name in this case) only the first of these two /etc/fstab entries will display an icon on the Ubuntu desktop: //computer.subdomain.sussex.ac.uk/path/to/resource/ONE /mount/point/ONE cifs auto,user,uid=user,gid=group,credentials=/path/to/credentials,dom=domain 0 0 //computer/path/to/resource/TWO /mount/point/TWO cifs auto,user,uid=user,gid=group,credentials=/path/to/credentials,dom=domain […]