TalkTalk Problems

For the last couple of months we’ve had problems with our ISP. After being regularly kept on hold for 30 minutes at a time, transferred across three continents, and having to speak to many operators who clearly don’t have a clue, they finally gave us a new modem. While I’m happy to have connectivity again, I’m concerned that the modem itself has performance issues. Either that or TalkTalk have really screwed up something in my local exchange or national connections.

As reported earlier, I’m now 1848m away from my exchange, which apparently should give me ADSL and ADSL2+ at approximately 4Mbps, which would be reasonable as it’s what I’ve clocked before.

However, when I run a speedtest I only get 431 kbps down and 82 kbps up!

Another speedtest reports 372 kbps down and 33 kbps 😦

3 thoughts on “TalkTalk Problems

  1. A mate @ work had teh same issues , got TT to tweak the hell out of his line with no joy so he bought a new modem and spee went from 700k to 5 meg. Ive got a couple of spares if you want to test it

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