Snow Leopard horizontal mouse scroll

For some time I’ve been unable to scroll horizontally with a mouse.

The fix was to uninstall USB OverDrive 3.0.1.

The lack of horizontal scrolling usually isn’t a problem, but with my recent standing desk I’ve been using my laptop attached to an Apple keyboard and mouse. The mouse is a MightyMouse that has a 2D scroll wheel, but it’s only every worked in the vertical axis. That’s ok, but I often could benefit from horizontal scrolling too.

This seemed like the right place to go:

System Preferences -> Mouse

Nothing I did seemed to have any effect though, even when I disabled scrolling completely I was still stuck with vertical scrolling.

There are some other posts online about this, and I did have a temporary fix by fiddling with Universal Access, and the Zoom button in Mouse settings too. This only worked once though, and I wasn’t able to replicate it after logging off and back on again.


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