Sussex Wired Eduroam 802.1x

I’ve previously used eduroam for WiFi on campus, but as with every new academic year, Sussex uni wireless is broken again. As such I’ve switched over to using ethernet, but noticed that 802.1X doesn’t automatically authenticate like it does with wireless.
Some googling came up with the following,

I can authenticate onto the network just fine, by clicking the ‘Connect’ button in Network Preferences. That’s nice, but every time I boot up my Mac and log in, it doesn’t authenticate automatically

No answers, but I was able to get it to work by disconnecting ethernet, deleting the RADIUS certificate in, then reconnecting. Authorised the certificate when the pop up asked me to, and now 802.1X seems to connect automatically, and without having to ask for my password.

It still asks for my password when connecting to the wireless access point, but I can live with that.


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