iWork Numbers

I’ve been trying to use iWork Numbers ’09 (V2.0.4 – 184) recently, and have some significant problems that have resulted in me transitioning to Open Office Calc instead.

  • Automatically recalculates all formulae on every single change, regardless of whether that’s necessary or not.
  • Maximum of 255 columns.
  • No Transpose feature.

These issues make it impractical to use Numbers for substantial spreadsheets. It’s really only useful for small, home use.
Any recommendations for a large-scale spreadsheet application for OSX?


3 thoughts on “iWork Numbers

  1. Spreadsheet apps all suck. I have OO installed, but i rarely use it. Google Text & Documents does pretty all i need, i don’t have to sync various computers and i can share my docs however i like. I wouldn’t store my bank account details there, but for my daily tasks it’s just the most comfortable.

  2. On a related note, but using Keynote instead of Numbers (though I imagine this problem affects all of iWork):

    Numbered bullet points can’t start with anything less than 1.

    How dumb is that, to hard code a limitation while at the same time offering an option that lets you set the starting number – but preventing anything less than 1.

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