Wii Backups

Wii Firmware version 3.4E

Downgrading by network give error – 116. None of the other networked homebrew applications suffer from this. Changing the Wii to using a static IP rather than DHCP doesn’t work. Installing via WAD file instead does work though.

DVD+-RW give a media error.

TDK DVD-R 5pk (A37CT), £3.99 from Maplin work though.

Some of these links might help,

Backup Launcher 0.3 “gamma”

Custom IOS36 rev 08 Installer

Custom IOS Downgrader v1.2

Alternative Solution for Semi-Brick / Error -116 (No Network Connection Required)

Wii Downgrader released.

3.1-3.4 Twilight/Downgrade/Starfall/GammaTutor

This a recovery package for people who updated to 3.3rev2/3 and didn’t have cIOS loaded.

Play Wii Backup Games On DVD-R

Twilight Hack [Wii Brew]

Twilight Hack [Wikipedia]

Having trouble with Wii Dvd Dumper 1.2
Dump Wii Games Via Wi-fi Tutorial
Wii disc dumper 1.2
New Custom IOS Apps

Problem: “Initializing network…..ERROR! (ret = -116)”
Solution: Wait until globe icon in Homebrew Channel has finished flashing and has turned a solid white. Only then should you launch anything that uses the network.

Problem: “Sending index.html… ERROR! (ret = -10056)”
Solution: Use DVD Dump V1.2 instead of v1.3

Problem: “>> Sending DVD ISO… ERROR! (ret = -10056)
>> Sending DVD ISO…”
Solution: This only seems to be a temporary problem, ISO still appears to download.

ISO dumps at about 200KB/sec.

However, less than the full amount is downloaded (using Safari 4, Firefox – both with iGetter 2.7.5). Only around 300MB successfully downloaded. Perhaps it was something to do with the webserver (does not support resuming – maybe I shut my laptop during the d/l?)

Interestingly command line wget appears to download a 4.4GB file, which is the full size of a DVD, though it’s due to take about 5 hours!

Apparently full speed USB is 12 MBits/second, high speed is 480Mbits/second, which is a theoretical 40MB/second.

802.11g WiFi has a theoretical throughput of 54 Mbit/second, and a typical throughput of 22 Mbit/second.

This makes me think that USB dump is probably much faster than WiFi dump. I wonder if I have any A-A cables around? (though at £8 each I think I’d rather just build one.)


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