University of Sussex – RAE Results

Results of the Research Assessment Exercise have been published with the following notable findings,

“Taking account of all staff who could have been submitted, with some institutions excluding many eligible staff, Sussex is at 16th place overall – a measure of the research intensity of the institution.”

“Over 90% of Sussex research activity is rated as world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised, confirming the University among the leading 30 research universities in the UK, on a simple average across all scores.”


Of course, as they say, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. There’s a bit of discussion about this over at the Times,

Lancaster produces alternative RAE 2008 rankings


2 thoughts on “University of Sussex – RAE Results

    • Personally as an associate tutor and Ph.D student I’m neither. As far as submission qualification for the RAE goes, I think only permanent, full time senior/lecturers and professors who have published research are included. The other 10% is ‘nationally recognised’ anyway – and as I have an international publication I guess you could make the argument that my work is internationally recognised. It’s conventional for Ph.D students to include their supervisors as co-authors (as I do), so I guess my Athens ACM paper might have actually contributed something to Sussex’s rank after all.

      Other measures are described in “How the 2008 RAE scoring works

      “‘research outputs’ (i.e. the research produced by staff at Sussex),
      ‘research environment’ (i.e. how the University supports research and researchers) and
      ‘indicators of esteem’ (i.e. Sussex’s standing in the academic community).”

      Basically it’s just an indication that Sussex is a good place at which to conduct research. Although it’s not a measure of my personal quality, it does suggest that I have a good community around me. From a subjective point of view it does feel good here, but I guess it’s just nice to have some kind of relatively objective measure of the quality of other institutions to compare against, as I have no first-hand experience of my own.

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