OSX Minimise

I’m not a fan of Finder, it’s one of the worst things about OSX (PathFinder is much more my style, but isn’t fully integrated into the system – at least it wasn’t when I last tried it, something to do with failure to intercept all Carbon or Cocoa calls due to being programmed in the other language?)

One of the things that I dislike about the default window management is the ‘zoom’ buttons. I often double click on a window title bar with the expectation (from MS Windows) that it’ll maximise, but in OSX it minimises to the dock. I finally had enough and decided to see if I could fix this.

A forum post recommended a third-party app called Window Shade X which will disable the minimise behaviour for me, but it turns out you can also simply disable this in the Appearance preferences pane.

FWIW there’s a forum post briefly describing how to disable this behaviour in your own applications.


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