Console Ambivalence

Why I haven’t bought a 360:

  • The free GTA4 bundles aren’t available any more.
  • No compelling 360 exclusive games.
  • RROD.
  • Rubbish backwards-compatibility.
  • Too noisy.

Why I haven’t bought a PS3:

  • Too expensive.
  • Patchy backwards-compatibility.
  • Sceptical about Home.

So the news about a 360 SKU adjustment (60GB for the same price as 20GB) isn’t such a big deal to me (assuming it’ll eventually come to Europe).

PS3 needs to drop £100 before I’m going to move. For now I think I’ll just stick with my Wii (now playing: Okami) and PC (now playing: Psychonauts; Bioshock, CoD IV, GTA IV and maybe Assassins’ Creed when I upgrade my GFX card, and also looking forward to: Spore and Diablo III).

Who says PC gaming’s dead? It’s just available after the consoles and for the unit cost is lower.


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