Wii Homebrew

I’ve just installed the Homebrew Channel, which lets you run homebrew apps on your Wii.

So using WiiLoad (actually WiiLoadGUIInstaller) I uploaded and played Snake2.

Crap game.

Great homebrew potential!

Important links include GX.h (for hardware accelerated 3D) in libOGC (examples, forum) on devkitPro (PPC Mailing list, Windows Installer, Getting Started Windows, Getting Started Linux, USB Gecko, Debugging, Insight apt-get insight), WiiReleases, SDK, WiiBrew (forum), Linux: (WiiLi Proof of concept, Segher’s patches)

FTPii is really useful for getting apps onto your Wii quickly, though I’ve had some problems with my clients. First of all Cyberduck didn’t display the directory listing (which I am lead to believe is due to my firewall or network config). I’ve now changed to Classic FTP which seems slow, but OneButton works well. The Homebrew Browser sounds interesting but I haven’t tried it yet.

SDExplorer is good for moving things around when the SD card’s in the Wii, but why won’t FTPii let me delete or rename files anyway?

I’ve just uploaded Poker but it looks really ugly too.

Quake‘s alright too, though really ugly looking! I’m also not sure about the mouselook control mechanism – if your pointer is in the middle of the screen then you get to target like a mouse, but if you move it a little bit further out then you the camera starts to rotate in that direction. So you get a normal pointer reticule but continuous rotation of your camera until you move the pointer back into the centre. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’d prefer a bigger deadzone.

If you’re using The Homebrew Channel then you can upload these (missing) files into



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