I use OSX on my laptop, but have a Windows PC at Uni. Normally I’d use iCal on the laptop and Outlook on the Desktop, but it’s annoying that my calendars aren’t synchronised.
I’ve now made the switch to Lightning (via Thunderbird) using Provider to sync both computers via Google Calendar.
Jonny over at bfish gives a walkthrough of how to achieve this.
End result: Edit any calendar entry on either PC, or online on Google, and all other calendars on all other machines update automatically and bi-directionally.

[Edit: 17th March 2008]
Hmm, not so sweet. There’s a bug in Thunderbird that prevents Provider from logging in to GCal. I’ve written to the developer of the plugin in case he’s able to help out.

One thought on “Calendars

  1. Actually it all seems to be working out fine now.

    I’ve set up Thunderbird to display a webpage at start.

    On OSX:
    Thunderbird -> Preferences -> General -> Thunderbird Start Page

    It might be that this is forcing the dialog box to pop up asking me to confirm my username & password for the proxy at Uni. I wonder if Thunderbird doing this forces the log in to happen correctly before the Provider proxy tries to download it’s data.

    Whatever, I haven’t had any problems since I set up my mail like this.

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