Second Life

It was inevitable … as with all other academics interested in games I’ve been co-opted into working on Second Life.

The University of Sussex offerered me a PhD starting in October but weren’t able to finalise the paperwork in time so they created a temporary position for me doing some research into SL. I’ve been posting some notes for this project on a new blog, Blind Second Life, though it’s unlikely to be of interest to you unless you have some investment in visual impairment or SL.


5 thoughts on “Second Life

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  2. Well, here’s a comment I was going to leave on your blind second life blog but couldn’t because I needed to copy a captia that biology prevents me from seeing or hearing. Hmmm.

    wow. I just stumbled across this. When I tried to sign on to second life to see if I could use it at all (as a blind user) I was unable to even get on because of the captia I couldn’t copy. I’m not sure of the link “if you can’t see this” or something like that was to troubleshoot graphics problems or actually an audio alternative but if it was the later it wasn’t useful either as I couldn’t make anything out. After a lot of work to try to write someone there, as email is only available to members, about the problem ,and after several attempts to communicate that my problem couldn’t involve needing to delete my cookies, that blind means unable to see and no matter how many cookies I do or don’t have I can’t copy these graphics. When they got it, I was basically told, tough, get someone to help you. Which is what I had thought I was doing by jumping through all those hoops to communicate with them in the first place. So, my question, did they change somethingor is this list of what is or isn’t accessible after one aquires the sighted person we’re all supposed to have sitting in our houses full time in case we need them to sign us up for things.

  3. Dear Hypatia,

    Thanks for letting me know that you couldn’t post to the Blind Second Life blog. I have now disabled the CAPTCHA.

    You’re spot on regarding the sign up process for Second Life – that’s the first problem, but one that could be easily fixed by Linden Labs.

    Hopefully with all the accessibility research going on they’ll sit up and pay attention to issues like this. I personally visited Lindens studio in Brighton recently to speak to some of the staff there about accessibility, and hope that with these contacts we’ll be able to raise awareness.

    Realistically it’s likely to be a slow process though. As I’m sure you’re well aware, accessibility is a term that few commercial organisations are familiar with, and even fewer are willing to prioritise.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi,
    I somehow missed this and wanted to let you know I appreciate yourefforts.
    I just finished my initial registration at Second Life by using Captcha Killer ( – in case you don’t know what this is, its a site, proportedly just for blind people to perform something above the standard OCR on captcha – three attempts and I was able to get it to work. I’d have to go back and see how long it took. Now I get to see if I can actually *do* something there.

    thanks Again


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