Manhunt 2

My last game has finally been released (at least in the US), though I have it on good authority that all of the Rockstar Vienna staff, who actually made the game prior to the ratings controversy and subsequent editing, have been stripped from the credits.

However, apparently some enterprising people have worked out how to modify the game content (which isn’t a first for R*), and you can even find traces of my work on the disk, and a reference to Rockstar Vienna (RSV),


########Added by RSV, sledge_hammer derived from baseball_bat above#########################

RECORD sledgehammer
   CLASS         WC_MELEE
   SHOT_TYPE_1      sledgeHammerShotQuick

# [GARETH] For the CIA Trap
RECORD heligun

I haven’t played the released version myself, but it sounds like it’s virtually identical to the PS2 & Xbox version we finished back in summer 2006, apart from the edits needed to comply with the ESRB, obviously.

At least Wikipedia and the Austrian National broadcaster ORF [German language] give us credit, despite the blatent lies that the Rockstar PR machine spews out.

Then again, it’s a crap game, as the developers knew all along, so perhaps it’s no great loss that I’m not officially connected with it.


10 thoughts on “Manhunt 2

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  3. Well, its more fun to get it from one of the developers, right? Especially when there are users giving it a 10 rating on metacritic! (PS2 only though…weird)

  4. Kirsten said,

    “Well, its more fun to get it from one of the developers, right?”

    I suppose you’re right, the news sites picked it up because it’s rare that a developer speaks out about their own titles, especially so with Rockstar. Perhaps a more interesting report (which they didn’t follow up on) would have been to examine this culture, and with a bit of digging they might have found out about what a tight grip R* tries to maintain on it’s employees’ public speech.

    Kirsten also said,

    “there are users giving it a 10 rating on metacritic”

    I just had a look, and only 4 people have voted. That’s not a particularly significant sample. Incidentally there are 14 votes for the Wii version, resulting in a score of 7.7 out of 10. There are also 11 more or less reputable professional reviews, with scores ranging from 83 out of 100 (PSM3 Magazine UK) to 40 (1UP), resulting in an average of 70, which they describe as “Mixed or average reviews”.

    In comparison the original Manhunt received 47 reviews at an average review score of 76 (“Generally favourable”), with 65 user votes coming to 8.4 out of 10.

    Interestingly enough even though there will always be fans willing to give overly high scores to their favourite games, there are some comments even on fan sites that are quite critical of MH2. For example,

    “Fine, well then I apologize, although I still believe what he said was appropriate. I’ve had numerous bizarre encounters with hunters stuttering around on the screen, getting stuck, going back into yellow and just standing there leaving me to have to fight them rather than execute them, and in some cases hunters that magically switch from having their back to me to facing me when I’m creeping up on them. I’m ok with all of that, there’s nothing I can do about it, but it can be frustrating.”

    In contrast to this Metacritic analysis we could look at our prior release of which I’m extremely proud. The GTA Double Pack received 33 reviews averaging at 96 (“Universal Acclaim”) and 51 user votes at 8.4 out of 10.

    More reviews, higher scores, better game.

  5. I’ve just heard that when Rockstar London took over principle responsibility for MH2 after R*V was shut down, they asked the head office in New York whether R*V’s names should be kept in the credits and apparently the answer was “No.”

    This is purely annecdotal, but this was told to one of the R*V guys by an R*NY guy.
    I’m just putting it out there for the record.

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