My Next Project: PhD

Earlier this year I was offered a PhD at the University of the West of England where I completed my MA, but I couldn’t secure AHRC funding thanks to administrative delays by the University of Brighton. I had found a local company (Fluffy Logic) willing to employ me as a part-time games programmer so that I could study part-time, but that could have taken me something like six years to complete.

During the last couple of weeks of August I saw an advert for a studentship at the Interact Lab in the Department of Informatics at Sussex University, doing a PhD on video game usability analysis with Disney Interactive Studios (previousy known as Buena Vista Games) at Black Rock Studio in Brighton (which used to be Climax Racing). This is a three year course with a modest stipend that’s enough to cover the frugle student life I’ve been used to over the last twelve months.

I’ve recently begun a new blog for this research where I’ll be posting in the coming three years.

As usual random stuff will be posted here from time to time too.


4 thoughts on “My Next Project: PhD

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