Grad Students

I haven’t had much time to post here recently because I’ve been working on my 15,000 word dissertation and hanging out on the Facebook group called “Grad Students: they’re Not Bad People, they Just Made Terrible Life Choices


[EDIT: 2008-12-21] Of course, these videos have been taken down, but fortunately there’s a clip of one over on the Facebook group


2 thoughts on “Grad Students

  1. I feel dreadful. Guess what I was doing when you posted your comment?
    I was writing to someone on Facebook…

    So ashamed.

    My life seems to mostly consist of Big Brother and Facebook since I became a work-shy student.
    God, and to think that it’s YOUR TAX PAYMENTS that are funding this…

    Oh, look at that, it’s beer o’clock already! 😉

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