Australian Politics

So I just had a chat with one of my old Aussie friends in Brisbane. It sounds like the political situation in Australia could be on the turn. Perhaps Oz will be back on my list of places to live again soon.

Here’s the current lo-down on the upcoming general election according to Wikipedia,

“The next general election for the Parliament of Australia is expected to take place in late 2007, although it can be held as late as 19 January 2008.”

Current poll ratings:

John Howard (Liberal – conservative)
38% / 40%

Kevin Rudd (Labor – social democracy)
47% / 60%

“Following his 1998 election success, Rudd was promoted to the Opposition front bench after the 2001 election, and was appointed Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. In this position he strongly criticised the Liberal government of John Howard over its support for the United States in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, while maintaining Labor’s position of support for the Australian-American alliance.”

“Rudd opposes the war in Iraq, and has pledged to negotiate a staged withdrawal of Australian combat troops stationed there with the U.S. and Iraqi governments if elected Prime Minister.”


2 thoughts on “Australian Politics

  1. Yup. Rudd looks like the best Labor condidate in a decade or so. He’s also pushing the climate change hand – releasing his plan to mimimise climate change before Howard. It’s a lot more proactive – money for R&D in alternative energies (primarily geothermal and solar) as well as a carbon trading scheme with hard targets set by 2010.

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