Amsterdam 2K+7

At 4am on Friday the 27th of April I got up to fly to Amsterdam.
At 9pm on Tuesday the 1st of May I flew back to Brisol.

Here’s a photo documentary of what happend in between when I met up with Christian, Thad, Oli, Chris, Anastassiya, Roland, Jaecinta & friends…

I’m putting the videos online too, but they’re not all public. You’ll only be able to watch these if you’ve registered with YouTube and are part of my listed Amsterdam group. Give me a call if I’ve missed you off the list and you want to watch them.

Livin’ La Vida Loca,

Christian and Thad sleeping in Vondel Park,

Boats on Queen’s Day

Inside the Flying Pig.

Christian grinning in The Flying Pig

The ship’s cat

Thad, Anna and Christian having a spliff

Gareth grinning chessily

Thad laughing

Oli confused

Gareth smoking and laughing

Walking around the city.

Bums on a couch in front of a church

Christian devours burger

Street chess

Girl playing street chess

Thad as urban gamer

Space Invader tile

Oli and Thad drinking coffee at a café

Hanging out at the Pig was very exciting!

Oli’s excited, Thad’s tired

Oli being excited

Oli confuses Anna while Thad’s just rude

Thad helps Christian to make his first ever spliff,

Thad helping Christian to make his first ever spliff

Christian making his first ever spliff

Christian’s first ever spliff

Visiting Roland and Jaecinta’s apartment.

Jaecinta sitting in a red dress

Rollie in his apartment

The view from Roland’s apartment

Thad sleeping again

Oli smoking and looking sophisticated

Thad and crew, haning out at Roland’s apartment

Thad, sleeping

Out and about,

Roland and Jaecinta at a restaurant

Jaecinta whiteface gurn

Gareth and Chris

Oli sitting

Gareth Surprised

Roland and René

What people look like when you’re drunk,

Jaecinta in a bottle

Chris in a bottle

Gareth in a bottle

Chess at the Pig,

Chris goes for a beer while playing chess

Oli goes for a beer while playing chess


Oli, thinking about chess

Chris, thinking about chess

Chess from above

Out and about again,

Thad, hanging out

Chris, hanging out

The only pussy Oli got all weekend

Andreas and Thad

Oli in a 70s style

Christian and Chris

The Flying Pig Interior

Thad saying “No photos!”

Christian Laughing

Christian Sleeping

Queen’s Day Street party,

Party in the window

I was last to leave on the final day, so I spent the whole day trying to smoke all of the remaining grass our party couldn’t take with them. This is all that was left by the time I had to catch my train,

O&A Grass

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