GBA Outsells PS3

According to NPD in the US market, last month PS3 sold 127,000 units and GBA sold 136,000 units.

Haha 😛


8 thoughts on “GBA Outsells PS3

  1. Yeah, LBP is cute if you like platform games. There are loads of great free games in that genre though, lots of Flash titles and a load on MAME. I can’t see it competing with party games like Wario or Guitar Hero, and as a single player game I’m sure it’d get boring about as quickly as another other run & jump game.

  2. I wouldn’t state jump&runs getting boring that quickly. The mario games are a great example that this doesnt have to be the case. A game is as good as good it is designed. In this case it depends on how many objects you get to play with, how many predefined levels you get and how you can share your own levels. I see loads of possibilites to keep this thing interesting… think of “the incredible machine” (i think its called).

    And I am not sure it is supposed to compete with party games. Given my assumption that you can play it over internet with friends, this is rather a light multiplayer game, more in the way of “the sims” meets “super mario” and that online…

    Finally: It looks CUTE!

  3. And i love that on this page the manufacturer of all these girls is CeBIT 2007… they really MAKE these girls! Do you think they make guided tours through their factories?

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