Philosopher of the Month!

Walter Benjamin:

(this title suggests a nice malapropism to me about some kind of legendary / extra-terrestrial dope – from the translation of “Übermensch” as “Superman” 🙂 )

His original ‘protocols’ written under the influence can be found here

Following are some amusing notes written by others about his work,

‘In 1927, Benjamin began experimenting with various substances—mostly hashish, occasionally mescaline and opium’

‘Walter Benjamin, leading chronicler of 19th-century urbanity and apostle of flaneurs, wandering around the port of Marseilles stoned out of his mind and trying desperately to figure out how to negotiate buying a drink at a workingman’s pub’

‘Aura, one of the central ideas of his most influential late essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” emerges in the hashish protocol of March 1930, where during an argument about theosophy, Benjamin was trying to describe something, a property of things like “an ornamental halo in which the object or being is enclosed as in a case.” He struggles to state his case clearly, probably because as he’s speaking he’s experiencing a synaesthetic hallucination, hearing sounds as color. But however sketchy his initial insights may have been, it does appear that the drugs got him thinking.’


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