Game Boys for Play Girls!

My good friend, Dr Babsi is on teh interwebs again.

It’s the best of her interviews I’ve read, and she has some interesting things to say. I’ve been studying McLuhan recently so this particularly struck me:

“because the Western culture is a reading culture based on an abstract alphabet and not graphemes like Japanese kanji any information that is drawn instead of written is seen as inferior.”

There’s even something interesting in the comments section:

“The long tail theory is basically that when people can get information about less mainstream stuff, AND buy it due to improvements in operations through centralization, that the potential products on the market goes way up.This only works if the products are considered acceptable substitutes for the “mainstream” products. You see a LOT more long tail in music and books than in video beacuse B movies just dont look that good — money is required to make them good enough to be something people want to watch.

On the other hand, an unknown band or unknown author can easily be really good. The cost of making top quality music or a book is fairy low.”


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