I just came across the Wikipedia entry for Huntsman spiders. This is the kind I had in my house in South Australia. The grow up to 25-30cm you know:


One day when I was leaving for work we saw one of these fellas on the wall in the lounge. When I got home that evening, the other guys who were sharing the house with me had managed to capture it in a tuperware container. They kept it for a couple of weeks, feeding it little insects. You could watch it’s mandibles moving as it crunched up their little carapaces.

I finally took it out around the back of the house and released it into the wild. Guests didn’t feel very comfortable with it lying around in the kitchen.

One thought on “Spiders!

  1. I don’t want to imply any manly deficiency on either my or his part, but you should have seen how long it took Geoff and I to catch it in that container…

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