I had a problem with the harddisk in my G4 PowerBook the other day so reformatted and reinstalled OSX just to be on the safe side.
It was surprsingly quick and easy to get back up to speed, but I’ve also installed a couple of applications to that make life a lot easier:




I’ve had Quicksilver for quite a while and it’s become a mainstay of my daily life. It’s basically a keyboard accelerator, a hotkey interface that will let you find, launch and manipulate data on your computer. It’s cooler than it sounds, and it’s free!

PathFinder I’ve only just installed today (I’m running the 21 day demo, but am very likely to buy it at $34.95 when that’s over). I’ve never really liked the native OSX Finder.app so a short Google turned up a couple of interesting links, the first explains how to replace the default Finder.app which is very interesting and turned me on to the defaults command, but when I found PathFinder that became irrelevant – PF can start automatically when you log in, and even remove Finder.

I’ve now configured QuickSilver to use PF instead of Finder, so when I run the Open command on some data it gets opened in my new favourite tool 🙂

OSX is really great.

I wish I could afford to buy an Intel Apple desktop though. I’d still love to play some games on Windows.


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