All your MP3s are belong to us

I only just registerd with AllOfMp3 but have downloaded a couple of albums and can say I’m quite happy.

At about $0.10 per track you really can’t argue. They’ve got a large collection of music and you can download tracks in whatever format / bitrate you like. It does take a little while for them to be custom-encoded for you, and they do appear to lack ID3Tag track numbers & album artwork, but using iTunes it’s really easy to add that data to the files once you’ve got them in your library. Most importantly though, the music is not protected by DRM, so you’re free to whatever you like with it. You can listen to it on your iPod if you like, but also on any other music player. Sweet!

A friend of mine uses MP3Sugar, but I think their selection’s not as good. Still, it’s another useful backup store if you can’t find what you’re looking for at AoMP3.

The only reason I’d use the iTunes Music Store is as a third and final option. Case in point, I’d like to buy the famous Leadbelly track that Nirvana covered, ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’, but I can only find it on iTMS. Even then I’m going to try waiting in case I can find it cheaper somewhere else. Now that I can buy whole albums for just over one US dollar from a nice Russian company, paying Apple the same price for a single track seems extortionate!

In other music news, be sure to check out my page on and particularly the section on my band, ZombiePorn. We played our first (and last) gig on Saturday. It was fun, and I’ll probably upload some media from the event soon.


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