One thought on “Here’s looking at you, babe.

  1. This one’s really funny too. I can imagine a voice over with it:;quality=;action=deliver;DVfSESSCKIE=0965f39f58a87e894bfb3c48dd7243e44afc4115

    (14:45:03) Oh man! That movie’s given me loads of ideas!
    (14:45:14) We should totally record a voice over track for it!
    (14:45:23) Oliver Reischl: …hehe..
    (14:45:32) Oliver Reischl: what would you do…?
    (14:45:56) You be the little crab who’s talking to himself:
    “Ooh here I am on the Ocean floor it’s nice here oh really nice I think I’ll just move over here into the corner la la la”
    (14:46:10) Oliver Reischl: lol
    (14:46:16) Oliver Reischl: i just thought something like that…
    (14:46:17) Then I come out:
    “Oi! Get of my land ya little fucker! This is my spot! Grrargh!
    (14:46:25) “Oh no! No!”
    (14:46:31) “Rargh rarrrr RAAARR!

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