Father of LSD is 100 on Wednesday

“LSD spoke to me,” Hofmann said with an amused, animated smile. “He came to me and said, ‘You must find me.’ He told me, ‘Don’t give me to the pharmacologist, he won’t find anything.'”


3 thoughts on “Father of LSD is 100 on Wednesday

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  2. This topic was brought up today in my company’s internal BBS/forum:

    “LSD helps in solving technical problems (german only)
    Can we have some? We might be able to fix more bugs per day.


    And from the article,

    “Manche Probleme bedürfen ungewöhnlicher Maßnahmen: Die besten Mittel zur Lösung von technischen Schwierigkeiten seien LSD und Hippiemusik, meint daher ein Cisco-Techniker.”

    “Außerdem empfiehlt er Programmierern und Technikern Musik der Band Grateful Dead.”

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