Family Media Guide = Great Review Site!

(11:18:06) Oliver: have u seen that “family media guide”-webpage..? This page points out some major problems in our industry!
(11:19:12) Oliver: For example there is no game with graphical sex scenes. No game got the red S for that… i am terrified!
(11:20:26) Oliver: My result: F-word, A*s, B*tch, D*ck, Goddamn, Sh*t!!
(11:31:27) Oliver: But its a great site for picking movies…..

About Domino (with Keira Knightly and Mena Suvari):
“1 passionate kiss with no nudity. 5 passionate kisses with female breasts seen. Sexual intercourse depicted by sexual actions with female breasts seen. Grinding with a female wearing a bra and panties. Erotic dancing during which we see female breasts and a female wearing a g-string. Caressing with female breasts seen. General sexual innuendos.”

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